Contextual Ads Prohibited Keywords

Contextual Ads-Prohibited Keywords

Which keywords are prohibited from using in contextual Ads when promoting 12Go’s tickets? For PPC campaigns, please include these keywords in Negative keywords as phrase match: “1 2 go” “12 asia” “12 go” “12.go” “123 go” “123asia” “123goasia” “12asia” “12asiago” “12go” “” “” “12goasia” “12goco” “12togo” “asia 12” “asia2go” “go 12” “go 123” “go12asia” “goasia12” “one … Read more

Allowed Types of Traffic: 12Go Terms and Rules

Allowed Types of Traffic 12Go Terms and Rules

12Go Terms 12Go Terms and Conditions regulate the participation in the affiliate program. Take a moment to go through them if haven’t done so already (we expect you did while registering an account). In this article, we decided to collect all the main promotion rules and allowed traffic types, and answer the questions as to … Read more