Allowed Types of Traffic: 12Go Terms and Rules

12Go Terms

12Go Terms and Conditions regulate the participation in the affiliate program. Take a moment to go through them if haven’t done so already (we expect you did while registering an account). In this article, we decided to collect all the main promotion rules and allowed traffic types, and answer the questions as to what penalties may follow if those rules are breached.

Traffic TypeAllowed or Prohibited?
SEO traffic to affiliate websiteAllowed
Teaser adsAllowed, non-branded
Social networksAllowed to White Label
YoutubeAllowed to White Label
PushAllowed to White Label
Targeted advertising in social networksAllowed to White Label
Email NewsletterAllowed to White Label
Contextual advertising to the White LabelAllowed, only for non-branded keywords
PPC brand biddingProhibited
Pop-Up, Pop-underProhibited
Discount websites, coupon websitesProhibited
Messengers (Viber, and others)Prohibited
Motivated trafficProhibited
Cashback trafficProhibited
Retargeting / RemarketingProhibited
Promotional codesProhibited
Adult trafficProhibited


  • How to prevent branded keywords from showing for my contextual Ads?

For Google Adwords campaign, include these keywords in Negative keywords as phrase match:

“1 2 go”

“12 asia”

“12 go”


“123 go”











“asia 12”


“go 12”

“go 123”



“one two go”

“onetwo go”


  • Can my account be blocked if I use 12Go branded name in the contextual advertising titles?

Yes, 12Go is entitled to deny access to anyone to the Affiliate Program Site at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, for violation of the 12Go’s Terms, including the use of the branded name. If we suspect prohibited traffic, we may delay the payment until the end of the investigation of activity on your account.

  • Can my account be blocked if I target contextual advertising to branded keywords of 12Go and the 12Go’s Internet Sites?

Absolutely. The use of brands in advertisements can be called theft of the traffic and profit of the 12Go, and can not be tolerated.

  • How do you keep an eye on the rules violations?

12Go uses monitors to check on brand usage in search & paid ads, as well as other types of traffic. Our quality assurance team keeps an eye on the sources and reference pages.

  • How to avoid the account closure if I’m not sure about rules? 

Whenever you’re unsure if your traffic type is allowed, please contact us and clarify the sources of your traffic as much as possible. Our goal is to promote fair play for everyone, not punish.

Now you know which types of traffic are allowed for promotion. Whenever you’re unsure or have any ideas/concerns, please contact us via