12Go White Label

What is a White Label Tool?

White Label is a partner tool that allows you to customize a subdomain, so you can offer tickets in co-branding with 12Go.

Where Do I Set Up the 12Go White Label?

You can set it up in the dashboard: https://agent.12go.com/whitelabel/

There are 2 types of white labels:

  1. Set up on the 12go.com website, for example, yourbrandname.12go.com
  2. Set up on your own website, for example, tickets.yourbrandname.com

White Label Set Up on 12Go

All you have to do to request this white label is go to https://agent.12go.com/whitelabel/ and insert your own brand name in the corresponding field, then press “Add white label”.

White Label Set Up on Your Own Website

The second option provides a smoother experience for the visitors that you would like to stay on your website.

To request such a white label, please follow these steps:

  • create a subdomain on your own website. This subdomain will become a white label.
  • change your DNS settings by writing the CNAME record (add CNAME whitelabel.12go.asia) for the domain you want to use as a white label.
  • go to https://agent.12go.com/whitelabel/ and request a white label along with the reason why you think this option will work best for you.

What Can I Customize on the White Label?

Basic Settings

Logo URL – insert your full URL with the logo image, which will be displayed in the header

Page title – white label homepage title as seen in the browser tab

Page H1 – set up the main page header

Color scheme – choose one of 7 color schemes to fit the design of your own brand

Advanced Settings

To set up the advanced settings, please contact our team and we will assist you.

Footer – you can choose whether to display it or not

Search form and results filtering – choose to show only selected countries, operators, or types of transport

Delete country blocks on the main page – let us know if you would like to delete any country from the home page of the white label, or add a new one

Google Analytics – let us know if you would like to set up a GA4 code on your white label

If you’ve got any questions, contact us via affiliate@12go.asia or via a feedback form.